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Oriental Dating: How To Choose The Quality Dating Site

Finding your soulmate is difficult, especially if she lives thousands of miles away from you. However, there are ways to improve your odds of meeting your perfect Oriental woman – to find her online. To be super successful in finding the Oriental girl you don't have to pretend to be someone else or be extremely rich – it's about finding the right Oriental dating site that will do the job for you. Here is what you should know about Oriental dating.

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Trusted Oriental Dating Sites. Where To Meet Gorgeous Oriental Girls For Dating

Choosing a trusted dating site is a lot like shopping – there are millions of controversial reviews that don't help at all and can mislead you. So, the first thing you have to do is to explore several popular dating sites or apps that work in the Oriental dating market. Among the most popular Oriental dating sites is Valentime – one of the biggest players in Ukraine that brings together single women and men from around the world. It offers a large pool of Oriental girls and lots of communication tools and search filters.

But who said that you should use just one dating site? Dating is a journey, and you should not miss a single opportunity to connect with your soulmate.

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What Do Oriental Girls Expect From Dating?

Oriental girls are not very different from any other women. To make a good impression on a Oriental girl, you should go for expressing your affection more in the form of chivalry and taking care of her. Girls here are not used to hear a lot of love words every day. If you do so, they might find it fake or immature. So, better save these words for special occasions. However, don't forget to tell them what you like about them.

Just a couple of date ideas. We suggest that you choose a coffee shop, a walk in the park, night out dancing. For the next time, invite her to cook at home and watch Netflix.

Take into account that Oriental guys aren't usually great dancers. Some dance moves will be a great plus here. You don't need to be a master. Latin dances are great for finding girls at night. Dancing closely is generally appreciated as flirting. So unless your girlfriend has traveled the world or you are in a dancing class, be careful with dancing salsa or even worse, bachata with other girls.

What Are Pros And Cons Of Oriental Girls?

If Oriental ladies are a mystery to you, don't worry about it. Here are the most important qualities of Oriental women to help you maintain healthy connections over the long-term.

Pros of Oriental women

They are good-looking. Oriental women really dress to impress and put a lot of effort into their appearance. This could largely be due to the shortage of men, women outnumber men by about 15% according to Pew Research. There are also a number of men who struggle with alcoholism, further cutting down women's choices in a partner. This has created a competitive market for a mate and therefore causes Oriental women to flaunt their beauty more, dress very classily, and look after themselves better than western women.

They take care of their bodies. Oriental women are also very slender. Walking around the USA or the UK there is a large segment of obese women, however, this is not the same for Ukraine. Women are tall, slender, and appear very healthy in general. We think there are very few overweight or obese women in Ukraine, relatively to women in western nations

Personality. Women in Ukraine are not afraid to be women, they don't feel the need to act like men as some women do in the USA largely due to third-wave feminism. Secondly, women in Ukraine are very polite and feminine, We was very impressed by how courteous and polite the women were in Ukraine. It is something you just don’t see as much of in states and you won’t see much of it in other western countries.

Most Oriental women have a job.Oriental girls most of the time won't care if you have a lot of money or not. They can provide for themselves. They rarely get superficial and will love you for who you are. Really a beautiful aspect of the Oriental women. However, they will appreciate it if you are a gentleman and pay for them in restaurants or make presents.

Cons of Oriental women

They take relationships too seriously. They don’t look for boyfriends, more for potential husbands. In Ukraine, if you don’t want to have a child, society will remind you that you really should think about it before it’s “too late”. Marriage and kids need to be her number one priority before everything else, and she needs to have both as young as possible to be able to get rid of social pressure and move on with her career.

They tend to be possessive. This means they will expect you to focus most of your time on them. Spending a lot of time with friends will not be tolerated. If this is something important for you, make it clear from the beginning.

Oriental girls tend to have more control and dominance a relationship than other cultures like Latino, Arabic or Chinese. Don't be surprised if she can raise her voice. That's normal here, don't get offended. Just clarify it.


Finding a romantic partner is not like shopping for new shoes, especially when it comes to international dating. You have to consider your goals, the price point, take all the variables into account and then choose your perfect dating site.

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